COVID-19 Pandemic

**Updated as of December 7th, 2020**


Dear Valued Customer,

Our hearts go out to all those impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic — this includes not only people diagnosed with the virus, but also their friends and family, those whose jobs and schools have been impacted, and so many more.

The situation is changing rapidly and like you, we are making critical decisions in the face of this health crisis.

As of June 15th, 2020, we are reopening our store under our new, normal, full-time hours. These hours are:

Tuesday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 3 PM

Sunday – Monday: Closed

If you would like to schedule a private appointment, please text us at 804-744-0903. Please be aware that we will continue following CDC guidelines as it pertains to extra cleaning and sanitizing, facial coverings, and social distancing. To help control capacity limits, our door now has a buzzer lock on it. We will buzz the door unlocked once we see you coming as long as we are not already at capacity. Also, please note that the state of Virginia is still requiring face masks to be worn in all public places.

Thank you all for your support of us and small businesses across every industry during these trying times. We are incredibly appreciative of your business every day, but especially as we face the uncertainty that comes with a global pandemic. Please continue to stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Joe Cheslock                      Terry Sprankle