Full Service

On-Site Workshop

No matter what you may need repaired or restored, we're ready to inspect and transparently walk you through the process.


Sycamore Jewelers provides on-site Jewelry Repair for all of your fine jewelry needs. From a watch battery or a new clasp, to re-sizing or remodeling your diamond ring, Sycamore Jewelers provide the highest quality of work in the Richmond and Midlothian areas.

Our team of skilled experts possess the necessary qualifications to accurately appraise your exquisite jewelry and gemstones. Our extensive background & gemological training, trust us to provide a professional value assessment of your precious keepsakes.


Nothing captures your jewelry's beauty like the enchantment of watching it shine brilliantly in the light after a proper cleaning. Visit us for a meticulous professional cleaning and keep your jewelry sparkling between visits with our expert tips.

Care & Cleaning

30 years of expertise

Our team knowledgable team is dedicated to addressing all your jewelry repair requirements. We carefully examine each item, providing expert advice on the necessary steps to ensure prolonged enjoyment for years to come.

Having our jewelry repair facility right here in-store allows the peace of mind and confidence to know that Sycamore Jewelers will always take utmost care of your keepsakes and treasures.